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 *Diamond Dust Jigs*are handcrafted and finished with a brilliant diamond dust effect which give them a glistening diamond like reflection. Finished with a special multi coating process to give them the ultimate in UV light
reflection and protection.

Many fish that eat zooplankton see UV light. In saltwater, biologists have found that pink, chum, coho, sockeye, and masu salmon detect UV light. Weakfish and flounder also detect UV light.

In freshwater, biologists found that brown and rainbow trout, kokanee, yellow perch, white suckers, carp, bluegill, and pumpkinseed sunfish detect UV light. Largemouth and smallmouth bass – members of the sunfish family – may also see UV light. Many fish species have yet to be tested to determine if they detect UV light.

Why use a plain ordinary color when you can add a *sparkling* attraction with a

*Available in 1/4 oz to 1 oz sizes*
Flutter style jig
Quality treble hooks

*Popular colors include*

Hot pink
Flame red
Blaze orange

Bright green

*Various color combos*

     White/Hot pink/Purple
White/Hot pink
White/Flame red
White/Blaze orange

White/Bright green
Other various colors available
including GLOW!

Page is still under construction

We will be taking orders soon!
Any order questions  please
email @ diamonddustjigs@yahoo.com

Some favorites
Shelter cove resort (Odell lake Or.) May 2012

Shelter cove resort Odell Lake, Or.
Diamond lake Rainbow
Shelter cove resort (Odell Lake, Or.)
A couple of nice surprises while jigging for Kokanee at Shelter cove resort (Odell Lake, Or.)
Another surprise
Shelter cove resort (Odell Lake, Or.)
Helping his papa find the fish! LOL
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